7 Deadpool Stories We'd Like to See the Second Movie Cover

No sooner did the end credits roll on Fox’s genre bending, foul-mouthed Deadpool that anticipation began for the second episode in this fantastic saga. The character became a fan favorite. After the first film covered Deadpool’s origins at the hands of Ajax, fans have been speculating on what the next movie could — or should — be about. But we thought we'd be proactive and look to the comics for clues. And so, here are some Deadpool stories we'd love to see adapted in the movies!

Cable & Deadpool (2003)


We know Cable is going to make an appearance in the next Deadpool film, but we don't know what kind of Cable he's going to be. Of course, Deadpool’s first appearance was as Cable's antagonist in New Mutants #98, but they were cemented as a duo in fans’ minds in Cable & Deadpool, a series written by Deadpool co-creator Fabian Nicieza. The chemistry between Cable and Deadpool was like something between Roger Rabbit, the eccentric goof, and Mike Ehrementraut, the no nonsense cop. And this series was addictive to read — its bizarre first and second arcs, which saw Cable and Deadpool melt into each other and Cable become a God, are the perfect weird flavors that a franchise like this needs in order to escalate.

Deadpool #11: With Great Power Comes Great Coincidence


Because of various copyright laws, Deadpool and Spider-Man can never meet in the movies. And it's too bad, because the banter between an agitated Spider-Man and a freewheeling Deadpool is classic. This dynamic was explored wonderfully by Joe Casey in Deadpool #11, which finds our hero being brought back to an issue of Spider-Man in the 1960’s, complete with all the trappings of that era. Throwing Deadpool into the Mad Men era would be thrilling — who wouldn't want to see a ball of id fight among the button-downed world of Don Draper? It worked for the X-Men with First Class, after all.

Deadpool vs. SHIELD

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Gerry Duggan’s arcs on Deadpool have been nothing short of a revelation. What was once a character best known for having a taste for Mexican food has become a fully-formed mutant trying to figure out his origins. In Deadpool vs. SHIELD, Deadpool fights Ultimatum to get back money a rogue SHIELD agent stole from him. It would be delightful to see Deadpool mow down hundreds of henchmen, all because of the ever relatable desire to get paid.

Deadpool and the Mercs for Money

mercs for money deadpool

Deadpool and the Mercs for Money is a concept still developing in the comics, but it is an exciting one. Deadpool takes a page from Batman and starts to franchise, letting strange z-list heroes take up his mantle and fight for him on a for-hire basis. The Deadpool movie made a splash with its bizarre protagonist, and the second one can continue knocking down superhero tropes with bizarre characters such as Slapstick, Massacre: The Mexican Deadpool, and Stingray. It’s sure to be a surreal chapter in a franchise from which its fans expect nothing but.

Dead Presidents

deadpool taft tony moore dead presidents

The arc that opened up Gerry Duggan and Brian Poshen’s run is an absolute classic, with Deadpool seeking out and killing every dead president of the United States. While the other storylines mentioned here offered in terms of violence, character development, and story, "Dead Presidents" offers straightforward fun. In the arc, Ronald Reagan is gored by an elephant and Taft attacks Deadpool from within a bathtub. This arc also introduced fantastic sidekicks such as family woman Agent Preston, Michael the Necromancer and the ghost of Ben Franklin, all of whom stuck with Deadpool throughout. I would be shocked if this is the storyline they went with next, but there would be few better for this fantastic character.

Deadpool: The Gauntlet

deadpool gauntlet shiklah

This is the arc where Deadpool met his wife, Shiklah, and a new (even more strange) status quo was established for the Merc with a Mouth. In it, Deadpool makes his way through Europe, fighting off strange creatures with a vampire in tow, until he finally defeats Dracula and weds someone who is, somehow, as ruthless as he is. Plundering more recent stories is a great way to keep ahead of the general audience who can guess which classic comic stories are most likely to be adapted (Winter Soldier was a prime example of that), and Shiklah would be an incredible onscreen role.

Deadpool: AXIS

deadpool white axis

AXIS was a Marvel event where the heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe found their moralities flipped. For the anti-hero Deadpool, this meant finally finding peace— much to the chagrin of his friends and family who need him at his most violent. It’s an odd story, but one that’s introspective for that character. Introspection often works well in a superhero sequel, and this is one such instance.

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