20 Best (And Worst) Halloween Candies: RANKED

With Halloween right around the corner, it’s time to rank the delicious and not-so-delicious treats you’ll be panhandling for on October 31st. Here are 20 Halloween candies ranked from worst to best!

20. Butterscotch Candies

halloween candy butterscotch

We’re not talking Werther’s. This is the stuff that doesn't even a brand. It comes in a 500-piece clear plastic bag that will outlast the person handing this out.

19. Candy Corn

Both a trick and a “treat”, candy corn is a cruel joke of a candy. It’s the one candy most associated with Halloween and yet it invariably falls short.

18. Raisins

Raisins are what happens when grapes die.

17. Dubble Bubble gum

dubble bubble

Dubble Bubble looks and tastes like it was made in 1974 before Bubbles went bankrupt.

16. Good & Plenty

good and plenty

Why do people insist on handing out little licorice pills? Good, no. Plenty, yes, because NO ONE is going to trade you for these.

15. Smarties

smarties candy

We’re slowly getting away from the nasties of the Halloween candy bunch. Smarties aren’t bad per se, but they’re definitely not delicious enough to constitute 70 percent of your trick-or-treat treasure. WHY DO SO MANY PEOPLE GIVE OUT SMARTIES?!

14. Milk Duds

milk duds

Milk Duds are decent enough, and yet something isn’t quite right. You can’t just throw them out like they’re butterscotch, so you miserably work through a box, your teeth sticking tighter and tighter together.

13. Hershey’s Kisses

Is it just us or is the tin foil always messed up, revealing vulnerable chocolate? Kisses pass in our book, but beware if you get a red or green one.

12. Jolly Rancher

jolly rancher

Again, questionable wrapper quality makes for candies exposed to unsavory elements. Be careful before sucking on one of these bad boys.

11. Almond Joys

almond joy

Show us a kid who likes Almond Joy and we’ll show you a Benjamin Button because he’s an 82-year-old war vet.

10. Butterfinger


The Bart Simpson commercials of yore did a number on us and Butterfinger has a special place in our hearts (and cavities).

9. M&Ms

m&ms candy

Simple, classic, quoted in an 50 Cent song — M&M’s are yummy and want all of them this Halloween.

8. Reeses

Our mouths just started watering, and somehow we're only on number 8.

7. Sourpatch Kids

sourpatch kids candy

Apparently these are yummy? We’re not really a fan, but people always go ga-ga for them so pretend you like them too and make a wise trade.

6. Milky Way

milky way

Until we did an image search, we totally forgot the difference between Milky Way and Snickers. WE KNOW, that’s bad. Un-American even. Alas, we remember and we gotta say, Milky Ways are dope.

5. Kit Kats

Kit-Kats believe in the good in people. They think that we’d actually break off a piece to share with a friend. Ha, that’s cute.

4. Twix

Twix are divine. We’re doing everything in our power to not break out a hunet and go crazy at the vending machine.

3. Snickers


You saw this coming. Snickers is often seen as the top of the top when it comes to Halloween candy. But we’ve heard rumors and we’ve heard rumblings, so we gotta share our final two picks...

2. Toblerone

This is LITRALLY us when we eat a Toblerone, see a Toblerone, see someone seeing a Toblerone. They’re that good. And yes, people give out Toblerones. We don’t know where, we don’t know how, but gosh darnit these are the kind of people who make us believe in a higher power.

1. Ghirardelli

ghirardelli candy

The top Halloween candy is Ghirardelli. You might think we’re crazy, but we don’t care. Ghirardelli chocolate is the Maybach of Halloween candy. It's so good you even think you deserve it. But listen to us, Smosh reader, you deserve it.

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